OGH is cGMP certified by the Ministry Of Health’s Pharmaceutical Division, not a 3rd party paid consultant. We are also certified by the Jamaican Pharmaceutical Council as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturer.

Here are a few key differentiators as well as certain common industry myths.


1. The vast majority of companies are not trusted partners and do not extract organically. ‘Trusted Partners’ – That means that the extractor does not farm and purchase from a third party or broker.  OGH is the farmer 24/7, 365 days. We know exactly what’s touches the plant.

We have USDA APHIS phytosanitary certificates for all our genetics . Additionally, upon importation, Jamaica’s Plant Quarantine Division tests our seeds and plant tissues to verify the healthy genetics. The vast majority of companies are not trusted partners and do not extract organically.

2. “Grown in America”  We also grow in Oregon and know a lot of cultivars using non-OMRI listed pesticides and fungicides. North American hemp has only one harvest per year ( a lot riding on one harvest). Thus these growers mitigate their risks by using harmful methods.
We continuously harvest throughout the year. There’s no need to for us to use harmful chemicals to save our crop. We use only OMRI-listed integrated pest management products.

3. “Full Plant Extract “  means that plants are harvested mechanically (again the method used by the vast majority of companies). OGH hand-harvests so we can preserve the plants’ trichomes (oil glands).  This ensures we get the best expressions of the plants’ compounds.

4. MYTH – “CO2 is solventless”. CO2 is a solvent. Additionally CO2 must be winterized in ethanol mixed with additional non organic solvents.  Unlike most other labs, OGH does not extract with CO2, but extracts with non-denatured ethanol.

5. To avoid steep ATF taxes, the majority of labs use ethanol blended with toxic co-solvents such as hexane and heptane. Our Organic Non Denatured Alcohol is not toxic and is considered a spirit .

Denatured alcohol, or also Specially Denatured Alcohol SDA, is ethyl alcohol plus some toxic additive chemical.  This chemical, the denaturant, may be any number of the approved additives by the federal government regulators based on the additive’s toxicity.  The sole purpose of adding a denaturant is to inhibit consumption for the purpose of intoxication.  Denatured alcohols are not denatured for enhanced performance or longevity, and they are inherently toxic by their nature.  Because of the denatured agent added, denatured alcohol is exempt from the Federal Excise Taxes, making denatured ethyl alcohol a cheaper alternative to nondenatured food grade ethanol.

6. “T- Free” – most T- Free distillate is re-distilled CBD isolate (made with hexane) to dilute THC.
This can easily be detected because the minor cannabinoids are not present.  OGH’s T-free distillate is a true product not diluted by and made with harmful chemicals.