We offer a variety of natural CBD Products

We harvest CBD-rich hemp biomass in order to process and produce the highest and purest quality CBD products in the world. Our isolates and distillates contain non-detectable levels of THC. Behind each Jamaican- grown product lies an organic extraction process that leverages state-of-the-art equipment to ensure only the highest standards of purity, quality, and consistency.

THC-Free CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate
CBD Oil blended with organic coconut based MCT oil
THC-Free CBG Distillate
CBD Apothecary Skincare & Wellness Products



We plant from seed and clone solely by hand to acquire the best and richest trichomes. We never use herbicides in our processes and incorporate an OMRI integrated pest management system. Our plants are fed with water, sourced from a pristine limestone aquifer on our property.

Our plants are hand-trimmed, hand-harvested and extracted using only non-denatured, non-GMO, kosher, organic sugar cane ethanol and water. We ensure the highest quality for our products by utilizing the latest proven techniques and technology throughout the entire organic extraction process.


OGH is approved for cultivation by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) of Jamaica and our products and practices are tested and approved by Jamaica’s Bureau of Standards. OGH is also USDA compliant and our processing lab is cGMP certified. Our local extraction process and laboratory are sanctioned by the Jamaican Ministry of Health’s Pharmaceutical Division.

All of our products, once shipped, are tested by an IS0 – 17025 certified lab. Buyers will be purchasing a sealed container with tested results. OGH provides you with full transparency for the provenance of your purchased product.


Jamaica’s climate and our staggered approach to planting, enables us to generate three to four full harvests per year. Thus our ability to harvest and produce on a perpetual basis provides our clients with a year-round consistent supply of the highest quality CBD products.

Flexible Customization and Bespoke Growing

Our team has the unique ability to clone or cross-breed seeds upon request. We provide our clients the flexibility to designate OGH to either grow their proprietary genetics or one of OGH’s. Our farm is set up on multiple small irrigation blocks, which provides OGH the ability to allocate specific acreage for specific clients. This, in turn, translates to a supply of unique and consistent cannabinoid profiles year-round for our clients.

For broad-spectrum customers who prioritize consistency, we will utilize plant cloning. Upon client request, OGH will custom-blend constituents such as minor cannabinoids and terpenes.


Our THC- free distillate and other products are housed in our ISO-certified facility, which makes shipping to any destination simple and hassle-free.

OGH supports both small and large purchasing needs.